Thorney Motorsport have established themselves as the largest and most experienced independent Mclaren tuning and servicing operation in the World. The company has been in operation for nearly 20 years expanding into the Mclaren market nearly 6 years ago by buying their first Mclaren - a MP4 12c Spider in volcano orange. The company believes that the only way to fully know a car and its needs is to own them and use then as other owners would, only then can you become expert in what the cars need for perfect performance. We used this first car to learn first hand the cars intracacies and needs as well as develop a series of upgrades to power, handling and aesthetics.

The company expanded its expertise by buying a 570s which has been used to develop the new Sport Series GT4R upgrade kit as well as a wide variety of upgrades to all elements of the car, these include half cages, brake upgrades, power, handling and aesthetics.

Thorney Motorsport has now bought its own 720s Spider which will be used to develop the same upgrades as we have for all the other models - we put our money where it counts - owning the cars, running the cars as owners would and sharing this knowledge with owners and customers.

We are independent of the Mclaren official dealer network which is reflected not only in our labour rate (half a Mclaren dealer) but also it the wider expanse of work we can undertake, we have expertise in full engine rebuilds, transmission upgrades as well as any and all of the regular servicing work that dealers can undertake. We have used this hard earned expertise to offer our own vehicle warranty - better coverage than the official Mclaren extended warranty and lower cost - we know these cars so we know how to provide worry free warranty cover for owners.

We have the full diagnostic tools and skills to perform every function on these cars that a Mclaren official dealer can as well as specialist tools to perform extensive chassis, engine, transmission and bodywork repair and our technicians all have a minimum of 5 years experience working on Mclaren cars - we have no junior technicians only expert ones here.

Our tuning and upgrade options are developed, tested and proven on our own cars and all covered by our extensive warranty.

We are passionate about the Mclaren cars, all of them, and this is reflected in both our work ethic and putting the owner (and their car) at the centre of our operation which we hope is reflected in the high level of repeat business we rely on. Having you Mclaren serviced or upgraded here at Thorney Motorsport means you become part of our Mclaren family, not just another car through the workshop.




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12:32 PM Jan 22

That will be another dead Mclaren 12c cat gone then. #mclaren #mclarenexhaust #mclaren12c