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Mclaren Owners Club Beaulieu Meet

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Great time had again with the UK Mclaren owners club, 81 cars this time (second largest group of Mclarens together since our record breaking 100+ at Silverstone two years ago) and a great mix of new owners as well as long term owners still enjoying their cars.

81 cars, the largest marque present

Day started with a meet up at the new Harwoods Mclaren dealership
One member collected her new car
We brought Lyndhurst to a standstill
All models represented
Year 5 of ownership for us
Great club, great day, great cars

Thanks must go to Jeff and the team at the Mclaren owners club, growing all the time and a real support network for Mclaren owners everywhere.




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Thorney Motorsport

05:54 PM Feb 15

Six more insignia VXR in for haldex rebuilds (2 are mail order units shipped out of the car, we do that too). #vxrhttps://t.co/0SQgeH901Z







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